Congratulations on graduating from Guitar 1 and welcome to Guitar 2! In this class
we will begin learning barred chords and how to start connecting chords with bass
runs. We’ll explore the Carter Strum a little deeper and find out how to play simple
melodies under chord shapes. We’ll also continue to work on hearing the changes
and begin learning some chord theory that will help us know how to use a capo and
what chords are at our disposal in any given key.

Ground Rules:

You should know how to tune your guitar before starting Guitar 2, so please be
tuned up and ready to go before class starts. Be respectful of whoever is talking.
Don’t talk or noodle when someone else has the floor. Be cool.


 You’ll need a guitar, of course! You have hopefully found the pick weight that
feels right for you when you play. As you progress as a player you’ll want to start
improving your tone. A heavier pick will give you more sound from the wood and
less string "clack". You’ll also find it easier to play single notes in a down-up, down-
up progression and be able to play faster with a heavier pick. You may want to
experiment with different gauges of strings too. A good musician is always learning
and changing and growing.
We’ll start using a capo in Guitar 2 so make sure you have one!
Also, have a pencil to take notes, a folder or binder to keep your notes and handouts
and a tuner. I also recommend a metronome and a recording device. . If you have a
smart phone you can get apps for the tuner, metronome AND recording device.


This schedule is subject to change. It’s a general outline, but I will assess the needs
of the class and keep us going at a pace where everyone is comfortable.

Week 1

Go over orientation sheet

Review Shady Grove I from Guitar I

Go over bass run and walking bass line sheet

Walk through walking basslines for Shady Grove Am>G and G>Am

New Song: Shady Grove II


Learn about eighth note picking

Walk through pick strokes on Shady Grove II

Click here for a song sheet to Shady Grove

Click here for tab and notation to Shady Grove I

Click here for tab and notation to Shady Grove II

Week 2

Review everything from week one and play through Shady Grove I and II

Take a look at Carter Strum and walking bass line and melody sheets for Corinna,Corinna

Work through chords and alternating bass notes, chords w/ walking basslines,melody version 1, melody version 2, melody w/ chords version 1 and melody w/ chords version 2 of Corinna, Corinna

Work on alternating bass notes and walking bass lines from G to C, G to D7, C to D7 and D7 to G.