Adam Carter was drawn to music at a young age, taking piano lessons from his grandma until it became clear that he did not like to practice between lessons or read music, but preferred playing by ear. His interest in music had been sparked, however, and a few years later he picked up the clarinet. It wasn’t until high school that Adam realized the cool kids played guitar and he got his first acoustic six string. Through the music of James Taylor, Adam made his way to finger-style guitar and trained his ear around a hundred campfires while working at summer camp.

Adam’s devotion to the guitar continued throughout college and into his early twenties. In Tacoma Park, MD while perusing a music store with friends, Adam plucked a banjo that hung on the wall and immediately felt a connection to the instrument. His friends pooled their money and offered him a loan to buy his first banjo.

Since then, Adam has fallen headlong into American old-time music and picked up the open back banjo and baritone Ukelele, among other instruments. He trained with old-time legend Dan Gellert, and played with diverse groups such as Lamont Park Deluxe, Opie and the Good Push, The Wooden Pegs, The Hard Travellin' Boys, The Forget me Knots and the Ratfish Wranglers.

Currently Adam teaches guitar and banjo lessons and plays 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, baritone ukelele, guitar, fiddle and sings with the Goldmine Pickers. He no longer minds practicing.