Congratulations on graduating from mandolin 2 and welcome to mandolin 3! In this class we'll focus on learning how to play keys of A, Bb, C, D and G by using double stops (partial chords) as roadmaps to find your way around the mandolin fretboard. We'll also study rhythmic variations between old time and bluegrass mandolin playing and continue to become more comfortable with major and pentatonic scales, hearing the chord changes and picking out melodies on your own so that you can start jamming with others!

Ground Rules:
You should know how to tune your instrument before starting Mandolin 3, so please be tuned up and ready to go before class starts. Be respectful of whoever is talking. Don’t talk or noodle when someone else has the floor. Be cool.

You’ll need a mandolin, of course! You need a pick as well. Guitar picks work, but I recommend trying out some blunt ended heavier mandolin picks. I’ll show you what I use and can give some recommendations. Also, have a pencil to take notes, a folder or binder to keep your notes and handouts and a tuner. A mandolin strap is extremely helpful in dispersing the weight and setting the mandolin in place so that you don’t have to hold it up with your hand while making chords or playing notes at the same time! I also recommend a metronome and a recording device. If you have a smart phone you can get apps for the tuner, metronome AND recording device.
This schedule is subject to change. It’s a general outline, but I will assess the needs of the class and keep us going at a pace where everyone is comfortable.

Week 1: Exploring G


Go over Folk School orientation sheet

Pick a tune we all know in G (Turkey in the Straw, Corinna, Corinna, Lazy John...)

Review G Major scale and exercises from mando 2

Learn the G Pentatonic scale

Take a look at all of your double stop combinations for your I's and V's in G Major (G & D)

Song: My Home's Across the Blueridge Mountains

Week 2: Spiraling Further Down the G Hole...

Play and sing My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains all together

Review G scales and G & D double stops

Learn C double stops and how to connect G to C and G to D with G Major and Pentatonic licks

New Song: Two Dollar Bill