Guitar 1 w/ Lukas Simpson
Welcome to Guitar 1! We’ll spend the next eight weeks together learning guitar basics from how to hold, tune and fret the instrument to quickly making chords while simultaneously strumming rhythmic patterns, aka playing along with others! I’ll also introduce flatpicking (picking out the melody), how to begin to hear the changes, how to count the rhythm and how to sing and play at the same time!
 You’ll need a guitar, of course! Pick up a variety of guitar picks ranging from thin to heavy. You’ll want to experiment with all of them to figure out what feels best for you. Yes, you must use a pick in this class. Also, have a pencil to take notes, a folder or binder to keep your notes and handouts and a tuner. Depending on how the class progresses, we might use to learn a capo by week seven or eight. You aren’t required to get one, but it WILL be useful in jamming situations! I also recommend a metronome and a recording device. If you have a smart phone you can get apps for the tuner, metronome AND recording device.
This schedule is subject to change. It’s a general outline, but I will assess the needs of the class and keep us going at a pace where everyone is comfortable.

Week 1

Learn how to hold your guitar and pick
Learn the parts of the guitar
Click here for a diagram of guitar nomenclature
Learn how to tune the guitar
Learn how to read tab and chord charts
First two chords: Em and D6/9
Song: A Horse With No Name
Click here for lyrics to A Horse With No Name
Click here for chords for Horse w/ No Name and chords to learn for next week
Learn D, D7, A7, G and C chords
Click here for a chart showing major, minor and 7th guitar chords
Click here for a chart showing the notes on the guitar fretboard

Week 2

Review week one and check tuning
Play through Horse With No Name
Learn eighth note strumming
Learn Folk Strum Pattern #1
Song Pay Me My Money Down
Click here for chords and lyrics to Pay Me My Money Down